“Noni Salma Named Publisher of Urashi Press, Abibiman Publishing's LGBTQ+ Imprint

Noni Salma has been named Publisher of Urashi Press, the LGBTQ+ imprint of the prestigious Abibiman Publishing, in a ground-breaking announcement. The Igbo god inspired the name of the recently established Urashi Press, which aims to publish a wide range of engaging LGBTQ+ books. The memoir 'Black Butterfly,' written by Michael McCloud, has been revealed as its first publication. It is scheduled to be available on UK bookshelves in March 2024.

With its rich cultural heritage, Urashi Press is a name with a lot of promise for the LGBTQ+ literary community. The imprint aims to showcase stories that are frequently ignored and misrepresented by providing a platform for minority perspectives. The imprint is entering a new chapter with the appointment of Noni Salma as Publisher. She brings a wealth of expertise and new perspectives to the position.

 Michael McCloud's "Black Butterfly." touches on issues of identity, resiliency, and self-discovery while providing a close-knit and moving account of McCloud's life experience. It is the debut book from Urashi Press and demonstrates the imprint's dedication to presenting compelling, real stories to an international audience.

The recently appointed Publisher, Noni Salma, is a valuable asset to the LGBTQ+ literary community due to her extensive experience and commitment. Her selection is a big step in the direction of making the writing and reading community for LGBTQ+ people more inclusive. Salma's vision for Urashi Press is a wonderful fit with Abibiman Publishing's overarching objectives. Abibiman Publishing is well known for its dedication to advancing diverse and provocative literature.

 The imprint's commitment to elevating these perspectives and giving stories that dispel prejudices and celebrate diversity a forum is a positive step forward for the literary world as well as for culture at large.

It is clear that Noni Salma's leadership will be crucial in determining the imprint's destiny as excitement for "Black Butterfly" and the opening of Urashi Press grows. With her in charge, the publishing industry can anticipate a wide and captivating selection of LGBTQ+ books that capture the hardships, victories, and experiences of a vibrantly varied community.

With this joyful announcement, Urashi Press and Abibiman Publishing are putting their heads together. In addition to recognizing the significance of LGBTQ+ literature, they are also taking positive steps to make sure that LGBTQ+ voices are heard and honored. With everyone waiting impatiently for "Black Butterfly" and the other books to be published by Urashi Press, it's obvious that the imprint will make a big contribution to the advancement of diversity and inclusivity in literature.

Urashi Press is sure to become a global source of compelling stories to readers and a source of inspiration for LGBTQ+ writers in the years to come. The imprint, which promotes diversity and pushes the boundaries of LGBTQ+ literature, is well-positioned to have a long-lasting effect on both the literary world and society at large with Noni Salma as Publisher.

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